2018 Jaguar F-Pace: Small Price To Pay For Safety

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With all the options that Jaguar is offering on their F-Pace model, you probably did not notice that Jaguar was also offering a heated windshield optional feature on their 2018 model?

The feature would you very useful if it is always cold where you are, the heated windshield will help you melt the snow and ice so you get an unobstructed view but you might want to take note of the slight inconvenience that the feature will give its drivers.

According to some drivers, the heated windshield can be very distracting as some people reported that the lines on the windshield can be quite noticeable and it is very distracting when you are trying to look through it.

Others think that it is just a small inconvenience and that people could get used to it easily. With all the benefits you get in return, the lines are just a small problem that most people are willing to deal with.

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