2018 Honda Ridgeline vs Ford Ranger: A Dream Come True

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When Honda first release the Honda Ridgeline, truck fans were hoping that there would come a day when the new Honda truck would go up against the Ford Ranger but since at that time, the Ford Ranger was not being offered in the US, chances of that happening seem pretty slim but that is not the case now as Ford prepares to release their new Ford Ranger here in the US.

We know that the Ford Ranger will be coming soon although no date has been announced yet. The Ford Ranger will be coming in as a compact truck that is versatile similar to what the Honda Ridgeline is right now.

Details like the price of the Ranger is still a mystery now but it is speculated that it might be coming in with a $25000 price tag. We should learn more about it when the vehicle arrives this fall.

Looking at what the Ranger has to offer, do you think the Ridgeline should be worried?

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