2018 Honda Odyssey Will Age Honda CR-V Upon Arrival

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As of now, the Honda CR-V is on top of its game. It has a new exterior design, a long list of upgrades and a few new tech and features. However, all of that will start to look dated the moment Honda brings out the new Honda Odyssey.

Honda is currently working on upgrading the Honda Odyssey and to make sure that the Honda Odyssey is on top of its game, Honda will be investing about $149million. The money will go into the Tallapoosa Georgia production plant as well as the new transmission manufacturing plant in Ohio.

The production plant will get $100million while the transmission plant will receive $49million. Thanks to the investment, the upcoming Honda Odyssey will be able to come mated to a 10-speed auto transmission.

According to Honda’s Precision Parts’ President, their decision to offer the 10-speed auto transmission was proof that Honda is committed to offering their customers the best.

He added that “Manufacturing the new transmission in Georgia is a huge responsibility and a great opportunity for Honda associates to demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities and commitment.”

With all the upgrade that Honda will be offering on the Honda Odyssey, will the Honda CR-V even stand a chance now?