2018 Honda Odyssey: New Not Always Good

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Most people would be more than happy to hear that the vehicle is coming with some new features and tech but that is a whole other story when it comes to the 10-speed auto transmission that the Honda Odyssey will be coming in with.

Honda has announced that the Honda Odyssey will be coming in as a new model. Besides getting a new exterior design, the vehicle will also be getting the new 10-speed auto transmission. Although Honda seems certain that the new transmission is an upgrade, the fans are a little more wary of the new transmission.

We have seen more than a few new transmission turning out to be a disaster for the users and until the fans are certain that the new 10-speed auto transmission is going to perform better than the previous transmission, they are going to try to stay away from the Odyssey.

Honda did invest a lot on their transmission plant in Ohio but is it enough to convince the fans?

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