2018 Honda Odyssey Makes Honda CR-V Age Rather Fast

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The 2018 Honda Odyssey is making its way out soon and it will come with the new 10 speed automatic transmission of Honda.

Honda has invested $149 million to start production at the plant in Tallapoosa Georgia and they shared it between a new assembly plant which took $100 million and new transmission manufacturing plant in Ohio which cost $49 million.

The president of Honda Precision Parts said that the 10 speed automatic transmission was Hondas commitment to offering customers products with outstanding performance.

He went on to say “Manufacturing the new transmission in Georgia is a huge responsibility and a great opportunity for Honda associates to demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities and commitment.”

The Honda Odyssey is going to be the only Honda vehicle to offer the 10 speed gearbox and this means it would come in above the Honda CR-V for driving tech and would take the spotlight.

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  1. Papoose Hound

    March 10, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    The van is a completely different vehicle for people with different needs. Mostly, it’s a people haler and cargo mover. The CVT in the CR-V is a nice thing. A nine speed? Come on!