2018 Honda Odyssey Makes CR-V Look Aged

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The Honda CR-V is great but it won’t be the talk of the town once Honda brings in the new Honda Odyssey.

According to Honda, the new Honda Odyssey will be coming with some new features including a new 10-speed automatic transmission. Honda Precision Parts’ president added that the new transmission is Honda’s commitment to offering customers products with outstanding performance.

He also added that the new transmission is a great way for Honda associates to show off their manufacturing capabilities and commitment. When the new Honda Odyssey arrives, it is going to be the first Honda to come with the 10-speed transmission.Tallapoosa Georgia plant as well as the new transmission manufacturing plant in Ohio.

Honda has already invested $149million to jump-start their production at the
No word on when we will start seeing the transmission being offered on the other models.

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