2018 Honda Odyssey Could Lose Fight Same As Honda CR-V

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Honda said that the US didn’t want hybrid vehicles so in the US the Honda Odyssey was going to be a gas only vehicle.

Of course this doesn’t fall in line with the goal of Honda to go full force with EVs by the end of the decade. A dedicated plug-in hybrid is going to be revealed next year and this would be followed on by electrification over the whole of the line-up of Honda in the years to come.

But if Honda is so keen on offering alternative powertrains, why would then hold back when it comes to plug-ins or hybrid variations of some of their most popular nameplates? The fifth generation of the Honda CR-V is thought to overtake the Civic and Accord to become the best-selling vehicle of Honda.

Before it makes its debut spy shots tell us that the Honda CR-V is going to come with a third seating row and a plug-in hybrid variation. The closest rival is the Toyota RAV4 and sales of it were boosted by over 10% thanks to them offering a hybrid variation. The Nissan Rogue is another vehicle that has taken the same path, but why hasn’t the Honda CR-V also followed on?

Honda perhaps thinks that hybrid sedans are not going to do that well and the revived Honda Accord Hybrid leads us to think this, along with the plug-in hybrid that is making its way out soon, which is said to have the base of the Clarity FCV.

But do you think that we will ever see a plug-in hybrid Honda CR-V or Honda Odyssey make its way to the US and do you even want it?

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