2018 Honda CR-V: Waiting On Plug-In Hybrid

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Before the arrival of the 2018 Honda CR-V there was a great deal of speculation about what the vehicle was going to offer. It was said that the SUV would come with a third row of seats and that we might be treated to a plug-in hybrid version. However neither of these things became a reality, but they may arrive with the 2018 refresh of the Honda CR-V.

Along with the proposed third seating row it was also speculated that the vehicle would be increased in size and it was thought to be getting a new engine that offered the Earth Dreams technology. These are all things that should arrive with the refresh of the Honda CR-V in 2018. There was a great deal of talk about the CR-V and people expected a big refresh on the current version as the last time that it was updated was in 2015 and now it was showing signs of old age.

The Honda CR-V sales in the crossover friendly market had gone down by 2.7% this year and by March Honda had sold 71, 188 units. Of course the CR-V first came out back in 1997, so it has been around a long time. The Honda CR-V that was released was made more current but what is going to happen in 2018?

By 2018 we could see the arrival of the Honda CR-V with a third row of seats and it may also be offered in the plug-in hybrid, which is becoming increasingly popular among car makers.

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