2018 Honda CR-V Might Get Past Honda Civic

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One thing that you can say about the Honda CR-V is that it lacks inspiration. While this is a vehicle that is great for driving around the towns and city, there are many other options on the market and it needs some excitement if it is to stand its head above the crowd.

This is one of the main reasons why Honda is redesigning the fifth generation of the vehicle and it is going to be based on the Honda Civic. This means that the vehicle is going to offer up a great deal of sportiness.

The Honda CR-V is going to offer up a turbocharged engine and this is a gas engine and there is also going to be a plug-in hybrid variation too for the first time in 2018. If it gets all these upgrades then it might become the king among the compact SUV segment once again.

It could also go beyond this and it may actually overtake the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic. At the moment the crossover does happen to be behind the two siblings when it comes to sales, even though the decline of the sedan market has been working against them.

If the Honda Civic based design on the SUV turns out to be welcomed then the Honda CR-V may surpass it for commercial success, this may be more so thanks to the fact that there is widespread appeal for the upcoming three tow model.

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