2018 Honda CR-V Might Bypass The Honda Civic

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Many people like the Honda CR-V but one thing about the vehicle is that it is lacking when it comes to inspiration. While it is a good SUV for driving around the town and city, there are many others on the market and it really doesn’t stand out above them. Honda really needs to do something to make it more interesting.

This may be why Honda is developing the fifth generation of the Honda CR-V and they are going to give the compact sedan a sportier look. The vehicle is going to come with a gas turbocharged engine along with a plug-in hybrid and these could help to make the CR-V a king again.

We are expecting it to go down very well and we are expecting it to take over the Honda Accord and the Civic and it will stand out above the crowd. At the moment the crossover has been behind its siblings even with the declining sedan market, which has been working against them.

The Honda CR-V is said to be getting a push upward thanks to the booming SUV and crossover market and it should come in ahead of what are the top two selling sedans that are out at the moment.

If the Honda CR-V redesign does become a huge hit then it may even come out ahead when it comes to commercial success and more so thanks to the appeal that is widespread, which comes from the three two model.

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