2018 Honda CR-V Could Be Bigger Hit Thank Honda Civic

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The Honda CR-V that is out at the moment is a bit on the bland side. However the sales have ensured that it is the sales leader over in the US. During August of this year it was the third best-seller in the US, only coming in behind the Dodge Ram, Chevrolet and Ford.

The sixth top seller over in the US were SUVs, they included the Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4. The only vehicles that are not utility that come in among the top 20 are the Chevrolet Cruz and the Honda Civic.

Apart from the two, all the other models have managed to make improvements with sales figures in August 2015 and these have been SUVs and trucks. Passenger vehicles do seem to be on the downward spiral and this is good news for the upcoming next generation Honda CR-V.

The Honda Civic next generation caused waves when it appeared last year and it has beaten the Honda Accord to become the best-seller for Honda. The way that the SUV segment is going may mean that the fifth generation of the Honda CR-V could take over later on next year.

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