2018 Honda Civic Type-R vs Honda Civic Si: Why So Ugly?

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If you’re a fan of Honda, then you better get used to the look of the Honda Civic. Either that, or you would have to consider waiting for the next-gen Honda Accord or just give up and put your money down for the new Honda CR-V.

Because the Civic has just gotten more polarizing than ever via the introduction of the range-topping Type-R at the Geneva Auto Show. Perhaps the Civic Si would be a less offensive consolation, but even that has found its haters.

When its prototype was shown some time back, there was still hope that the hot hatch wouldn’t end up looking so nasty, but that hope has been extinguished because the production model isn’t discernibly different.

Everything about the aesthetics of the new 306hp Type-R is loud: from its massive fake bumper vents on both ends to its jagged lines and huge rear wing. Plus it doesn’t help that Honda coated one of the debut models in bright red.

Honda Civic Type-R (Source: New Atlas)

As for the Honda Civic Si, its production model is still some ways from showing up officially but spy photographers have already caught it roaming about in the wild semi-disguised.

What’s good about the Si is that it can be had as a sedan or two-door coupe, but the catch is that it’s mated exclusively to a six-speed manual no matter the body style. Gotta scare off the amateurs, right?

Anyway, the Si appears to be more sensible visually, though it still wouldn’t be able to ingratiate itself to those who can’t stand the new Civic’s fundamental design.

Honda Civic Si (Source: Paul Tan)

Camouflaged, the ride doesn’t exactly give the impression of being ugly, but that’s because its front and rear bumpers have been taped up. Take them off and the Si would look an entirely different beast.

Apart from that, critics have pointed out that the Si’s little rear spoiler doesn’t cohere with the rest of its look. Maybe that’s the intended effect – the car’s gotta look sportier than the regular Civic somehow.

So, what do you think of the two more potent Civics? Which would you pick?