2018 Honda Civic Type-R Shouldn’t Go Full Retard

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When you have something good you shouldn’t really change it as there isn’t any need to and often less is actually more. There is nothing wrong with accentuating the strengths and enhancing but you shouldn’t go full retard. This all applies when talking about the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R.

There are some people who believe that the Honda Civic Type-R is a bit aggressive thanks to the C-shaped taillights, which some say are overkill. Some people haven’t been too happy with the fake bumper vents at the front and the back of the vehicle.

It does seem like Honda has tried to do its best to make the front-wheel drive hot hatchback look as mean as it possibly could. They may have done this as this is the first Honda Civic Type-R to arrive in the US and the US really do seem to like the aggressive look.

Honda might also make the same mistake that Toyota did with the Prius. The Type-R prototype arrived in Paris last year and the vehicle does seem to be truing way too hard.

The Honda Civic Type-R may be saved by the 2 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine that we expect to offer up 325 horses. It may even be worth 340 horses as this was the initial speculation.

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  1. geolemon

    February 24, 2017 at 11:21 am

    “the vehicle does seem to be truing way too hard.”

    This is no excuse not to tru at least a little bit on spelling.

    Point on the article style is subjective, there’s no “mistakes” unless you have sales figure to show a decline. Since it’s not out yet – you don’t.

    Personally I believe they are styling for their target demographic – that’s the opposite of a “mistake”. The Type R isn’t aimed at the 40-something with three kids and a wife who is choosing between a Honda Accord or a Toyota Highlander with their Frigidaire styling methodologies of ‘yawn and you’ll miss it – don’t miss it and you’ll yawn’.
    It’s aimed – and styled – for a young enthusiast who wants to project an active lifestyle image with a bit of an aggressive edge.
    It’s called “youth” – remember it?