2018 Honda Civic Type-R Offers Plenty of Fun Thanks To 340 Horses

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We have seen the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R out on the roads in the US and this is a hatchback vehicle that people cannot wait to get behind the wheel of. We did see it in prototype previously but the one seen recently looks as though it is ready to be put into production.

The pre-production version of the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R was seen being driven around the Honda headquarters in Southern California. It has been said that it may offer up 340 horses, but Honda hasn’t confirmed any of this.

It is going to be front-wheel drive and have six speed manual gears. We are expecting it to come our way some time next year but we don’t know exactly when.

Many people are expecting big things from the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R when it arrives in the US so we do hope that the vehicle isn’t going to be a disappointment.

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