2018 Honda Civic Type R Got Caught Faking It

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It was not like Honda was intentionally hiding it but that does not mean that the fans will be happy about Honda faking the vents on the Honda Civic Type R model.

Of course, we know why Honda made the decision to add a few vents in the front even though it does not work. Honda wanted the Honda Civic Type R to have a bigger exterior upgrade this time. Part of that major exterior upgrades is adding the fake vents.

We do think that the vents do help make the Civic Type R look a lot more aggressive but some fans seem to think that Honda had turned the Civic Type R into a toy car.

Overall, the consumers seem to be pretty impressed with the new Honda Civic Type R and at the end of the day, most people are willing to look past the fake vents and focus on what the Type R will have to offer under the hood.

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