2018 Honda Civic Type-R: Cabin Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

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The next generation of the 2018 Honda Civic Type-R has been revealed and there are lots of people who love what they are seeing. We are talking mainly about the engine of course, as opposed to the looks of it.

The exterior design of the vehicle seems to be all out of shape thanks to the body kit, which is bulky. This means that the proportions of the vehicle are all wrong. Don’t get us wrong this isn’t the worst looking vehicle that we have seen, but the cabin could be the stuff from nightmares.

Honda seems to have got things right with the seating structure, the shape of the dashboard and the cockpit. What they have got wrong is the colour combination of the vehicle on the interior. It is a blend of red and black and this makes the vehicle take on the appearance of a racerboy car.

It might be alright for driving around the strip at night if you are in your 20s but what about driving around in it on a daily basis to work and back?

But what are your thoughts on the cabin of the Honda Civic Type-R?

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