2018 Honda Accord: Too Much Civic Not A Good Thing

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We knew that Honda was working on a new Honda Accord and we also know that the Honda Accord was going to be design based on the latest Honda Civic model and while most people were happy with the direction the Civic went, it looks like they do not like it when Accord followed too closely.

After months of speculation, Honda finally took the covers off the new 2018 Honda Accord and while we like the fact that Honda is really trying hard to impress us with the design, it looks like some fans feel like the Accord is a little too Civic.

The familiar sedan shape is gone and in its place is the almost hatchback like design that the Civic had. Overall, the vehicle does not look bad but some people were not too happy with the front as they feel like it feels out of place.

Honda also announces that they will be removing the V6 engine. In its place is the new turbocharged inline four engine. While some people are still trying to comes to term with that, it looks like most of them are pretty happy that HOnda has decided to keep the manual transmission around for a little longer.

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