2018 Honda Accord Needs To Grow Bigger Or Go Home

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When the new Honda Civic comes our way it is going to bring a new upgrade that is going to put the Accord to shame. This means the Civic will now be more closer to the Honda Accord thanks to the wide body and interior that is spacious. This means the 2018 Honda Accord needs to grow bigger.

If the 2018 Honda Accord doesn’t get bigger and come with a wider body, it may as well not bother. But are people going to go for the Civic as opposed to the Accord?

Many people have said that the Honda Accord is perfect the way it is and if it was made wider it would be too bulky. However with Honda giving the Civic a size boost, there really isn’t any other option but to make the Accord bigger too.

The 2018 Honda Accord would share the same platform as the Civic and it would also have the same engine. Of course the engine in the Accord would have to be tuned to offer more power, otherwise people are going to just go with the Civic.