2018 Honda Accord In For A Rough Ride

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Although the Honda Accord has always been one of the top favourites of sedan fans, it feels like Honda might be setting the Accord up for failure this time around.

To start with, we know that the Honda Accord will be coming in with an upgraded design. The new design will be based on the new Honda Civic and although a lot of people were happy with the Civic design, there were also talk that because of the Civic was given a size upgrade, the Accord would also receive a size upgrade.

Although getting some extra space on the inside is never a bad thing, a lot of fans feel like the Accord size is perfect as it is a size upgrade would only make the vehicle too bulky.

We also know that this is coming in as an all-new model and a lot of people believe that the first batch is where all the issues will be. That is why a lot of people will avoid getting the first model.

With all of this obstacle, how do you think the 2018 Honda Accord will perform? The vehicle will be making its debut on the 14th of July.

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