2018 Honda Accord: Hybrid Raises The Bar

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The current generation of the Honda Accord Hybrid has been doing very well on the market but Honda is working on the next gen version, which is said to be arriving for 2018. But the question is how will they improve on something that doesn’t really need improving on and which has set the bar high for the 2018 Honda Accord?

Is Honda going to carry over the current hybrid to a redesigned model and leave it unchanged? At the moment the Honda Accord Hybrid is at the top of 1.3% vehicles that were tested by ACEEE for energy efficiency and it offers more than 50mpg.

The current Honda Accord Hybrid offers a drive performance that is unique and some have even called it exciting. So what might Honda do with the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid to better the one on offer at the moment? Should they do anything?

The Honda Accord Hybrid has been listed on the Greenest Vehicles of 2017 list and it is among the most environmentally responsible vehicles on the road. It doesn’t sacrifice off the line acceleration, has superb torque when climbing hills, offers passenger and driver comfort and safety and comes with a trunk that is very usable.

So really there isn’t much that can be improved when Honda launches the 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid. But what would you like to see if anything?