2018 Honda Accord Has To Grow Up Fast If It’s To Make Way For Civic

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When the Honda Civic arrived it came with a brand new design to the exterior along with a larger body, which means that the interior now offers up a lot more space. The issue with the Civic is that it has been too close to the Accord right now and due to this many people think that the new Accord is going to offer up a body that is wider at the same time.

We have seen some new spy photos of the Honda Accord and these lead us to believe that Honda could have made the vehicle wider already. This is going to separate it from the younger brother.

There was also talk going around that the Honda Accord might also be getting treated to a brand new design and this could be one that has been based around the Honda Civic. The vehicle is also said to be getting the Civic engine, but it should be tweaked so that it is able to deal with the extra weight.

We did hear some rumors going around that we may be about to see the Honda Accord hybrid arrive at some point in the future. Honda didn’t give confirmation and they haven’t denied any of the rumors, but at the moment you should take everything with a big pinch of salt.

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