2018 Ford Ranger Plays About With Your Mood

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We don’t know a great deal about the 2018 Ford Ranger yet, but we do know that Ford is going to give the vehicle a brand new design and the vehicle is going to be packed with plenty of new features.

One thing that we do know is that Ford revealed they had been researching new technology and this tech could gauge the mood of the person driving it thanks to in-car camera and microphones. The Ford Ranger could then react to the drivers mood and perform an action.

One of this would be that the Ford Ranger would know when the driver was stressed and play certain songs and music along with making adjustments to the lighting to try and soothe the driver.

Ford said that the system is going to work with the Sync 3 system in the future. It may be too optimistic to think that we might see it arrive on the 2018 Ford Ranger but we can hope.

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