2018 Ford Mustang Next Generation Puts On Its Poker Face

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When the 2018 Ford Mustang arrived last week Ford held a lot of the details back about the vehicle. They did say that the EcoBoost version and GT would get a boost to the torque and horsepower but they didn’t say how big the boost would be.

In a Tweet a representative of Ford mentioned easter eggs in a picture of the digital gauge of the Ford Mustang. The odometer reveals 1964.5 miles and this of course is reference to the first model year of the Mustang and the 289 is the fuel range, signifying the displacement of the V8 engine in the first Mustang.

If you look closer though you can see the big 4 and the big 55 and this may mean that the Ford Mustang GT offers up 455 horses.

The current version of the Ford Mustang GT has the V8 5 litre engine offering up 435 horses. The 2018 Ford Mustang is to get the port-fuel-injection and direct-fuel injection with a compression ratio that is higher, so 20 more horses may be likely.

The theory hasn’t been confirmed yet and all that was said was that more details would be shared the closer we get to the launch of the 2018 Ford Mustang. However it does look as though we could get to see it arrive with 755 horses.

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