2018 Ford Mustang: A Little Goes A Long Way

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Since it was already leaked that the 2018 Ford Mustang was going to come with a 10-speed automatic transmission, we all knew that the Ford Mustang was going to come with better fuel efficiency this time so the question was how much?

Well, Ford has just announced the new EPA numbers for the Ford Mustang EcoBoost and GT confirming that it will be more fuel efficient now but not as much as we think it is.

According to Ford, the Ford Mustang EcoBoost model will be offering 32mpg on the highway now and 25mpg on average. That is 2mpg more on the highway and only 1mpg more overall. The Ford Mustang GT, on the other hand, will offer 16mpg in the city, 25mpg on the highway and 19mpg overall.

While it does not sound like much, every little bit counts at the end of the day and most people seem pretty happy with the new EPA numbers.

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