2018 Ford Focus RS: Who Is At Fault Here?

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The hype was real when Ford first announced the new Ford Focus RS but things have certainly quieted down a whole lot since then. So what happens? Why did the fans suddenly turn their back on the Focus RS after all the hype?

Well, some people think that the dealer might be the one to blame here. Some people reported that the fact that they were not allowed to test drive the car put them off the Ford Focus RS.

Other reported that the dealers marked up the price so much that they did not feel like it was worth buying anymore. The dealers’ refusal to bargain also played a huge role in the downfall of what was initially seen as the best things that could have happened to the auto industry here in the US.

What ends up happening was that the dealers were left with vehicles that nobody wanted to buy and although some dealers have started offering them at MSRP, it might be too late for them and for Ford.

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