2018 Ford Focus Owners Will Be Able To Talk Legally On Phones

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There is little doubt that self-driving vehicles are going to be the future but it looks as though they are still a long way off yet. There are various laws about self-driving cars with them having to have someone inside them and there are many who are totally opposed to the idea.

Ford however is taking a more optimistic approach and we may see the 2018 Ford Focus offer people the chance to talk on phones without being penalised, in self-driving cars. The have taken out a patent for an autonomous vehicle entertainment system.

The system would mean that people in the vehicle would be able to sit back and relax and watch a movie as the car drives for you. Whether they will implement this by the time the 2018 Ford Focus arrives is anyone’s guess.

The system would allow you to put the car into self-drive and a projector would come up allowing you to watch a movie.

The patent has been approved but we don’t know whether Ford will go on to use this in the 2018 Ford Focus or whether it will be some time away yet.

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