2018 Ford Focus Owners May Be Able To Talk On Devices Legally Once Again

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Self-driving vehicles seem to be the way of the future but they are still some time off yet. Some people don’t want to welcome them but Ford has different feelings about them and we could see a self-driving 2018 Ford Focus that allows people to talk legally on their phones.

Ford has obtained a patent for what they call an autonomous vehicle entertainment system. The system would allow the driver to chill out and watch a movie while the vehicle drives itself.

The owner would be able to chill out and put the vehicle into self-drive mode and a projector screen would appear allowing them to watch a movie.

Of course just because they took out the patent it doesn’t mean that they will use it on the 2018 Ford Focus, or any other vehicle.

But would you like the 2018 Ford Focus to have a self-drive function with projector?