2018 Ford Focus Owners Get To Talk on Their Phone Again Legally

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We are coming ever closer to cars that are able to drive themselves, however there is still a long way to go before they will be accepted as part of an everyday routine. There are plenty of rules and regulations for the time being, with most autonomous cars having to have someone actually in the car.

However, it is looking as though they are eventually going to become reality. Ford is one company that believes so as they have recently taken out a patent for an autonomous vehicle entertainment systems. This means, among other things, that you will once again be able to sit back and talk away on your phone legally, as you won’t be the driver. Tech such as this could be making its way into the 2018 Ford Focus.

The system may mean that you can relax and put your car totally into self drive mode and you could launch the projector screen and sit back and watch a movie as your vehicle takes you to work.

Of course just because Ford has taken out the patent on the technology this doesn’t means that Ford will use it in the 2018 Ford Focus, or indeed any other vehicle of theirs. But it is a possibility.