2018 Ford Focus Owners Get To Talk Legally On Phones When Driving

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While self-driving vehicles are in existence right now it is going to be some time before people begin to accept them as part of their routine. There are many laws regarding cars that drive themselves unless there is actually a person in the vehicle, while some people are totally against the whole idea of a car that drives itself.

Ford however is being optimistic about the whole thing as they have recently got a patent for an autonomous vehicle entertainment system. This would effectively allow you to sit back and relax and watch a movie while the car drives for you, but will it be seen in the 2018 Ford Focus?

If you want to watch a movie you would just put the vehicle into self-driving mode and a projector would pop up. You could then chill out and watch the movie or make a phone call while the vehicle was driving itself.

While the patent has been approved there is no way of telling whether it is going to be a part of the 2018 Ford Focus or any other vehicle from Ford.

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