2018 Ford Focus May Allow Drivers To Talk Legally On Phone

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The way of the future for cars is going to be self-driving vehicles and one company is embracing this future. Ford have applied for a patent allowing the vehicle to drive itself, which means theoretically that the driver would be able to sit back and relax and make a phone call or watch a movie.

They took out a patent for an autonomous vehicle entertainment system that would allow those riding in the car to settle down and watch a movie while the vehicle drove itself.

The driver would simply engage the self-drive mode and a projector would appear so that everyone in the vehicle could watch a movie as the car drove them to wherever they wanted to go.

The patent was approved but this does not mean that Ford plan on using it. It may be in the 2018 Ford Focus or it may appear much later or not at all.

But what do you think about a 2018 Ford Focus that would be able to drive itself?

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