2018 Ford Fiesta ST Seen Running Around Topless

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Ford are willing to do some exploring in regards to the Ford Fiesta as they have said that the vehicle is going to be arriving in a crossover. But what we want to know is whether the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST is going to be seen running around topless.

We have seen a concept design of the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST topless and we have to say that it would be superb if Ford actually made one. The artist behind the render took the top from the vehicle along with adding in two roll bars in the back of the vehicle.

It’s not likely that Ford will go down this route though as convertibles really aren’t that much in demand. However X-Tomi really did do a great job with the vehicle.

The new Ford Fiesta ST is going to be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show and it will come with the 1.5 litre three cylinder Eco-Boost engine offering 197 horses, but will it be topless?