2018 Ford Bronco: Jeep Wrangler Doesn’t Stand A Chance

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Ford has given confirmation that they are developing the upcoming next generation Ford Bronco and we can expect to see it on the roads in the US before 2020. When it comes out it will be going up against the Jeep Wrangler and it looks like the Wrangler may not stand a chance against it.

People are expecting to see a battle of huge proportions when the Ford Bronco takes on the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler is going to be launched as the next generation this year. However, we don’t think that the battle will be such a big one as the Bronco seems to have the upper hand already.

The EPA is looking into the Jeep Wrangler regarding an allegation of cheating on the diesel emissions. Should this be found to be the case then they will pay a hefty price. This is really bad timing for the Wrangler as the company has already said that the next generation Wrangler is going to offer up a diesel engine.

So the EPA could end the Jeep Wranglers prospects before they have even begun and this could leave the way clear for the upcoming next generation Ford Bronco to steal all the limelight.

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