2018 Ford Bronco And Ranger Gatecrash Tacoma TRD Pro Party

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Consumer demand seems to have changed as SUVs and crossovers are now the most appealing of vehicles and so Ford is going to take advantage of this and work on the strengths that they have among the segment.

Toyota is competing in the same segment with the Tacoma TRD Pro but they don’t have the brand icons that Ford have with the Ford F-150 pickup, Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco.

Market shares of cars has dropped to around 37% last month and this tells us that the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are losing out. Ford said that they will launch four new SUVs and one of them is going to be the Ford Bronco. We are also expecting to see a redesign of the Ford Expedition.

With the SUV market booming right now and while Toyota has the Tacoma TRD pro as its best-seller, it isn’t accompanied by popular SUVs that are great for going off the road. Ford of course has the Ford Bronco along with the Ranger, so both will be gate crashing the Tacoma party.

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