2018 Dodge Durango Shaker Makes Hellcat Dreams Feel Real

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If you have been dreaming about the 707 horsepower Hellcat Durango then that dream has come just that little bit closer with the Dodge Durango Shaker concept.

The Dodge Durango Shaker made an appearance at the SEMA event in LA this year and it showed off what the SRT engineers could do if they managed to get their hands on the Durango. It also opened up for the possibility of their being a Hellcat Durango at some point in the future.

The concept had the Shaker hood scoop; this comes from the Dodge Challenger Shaker, the 6.4 litre HEMI V8 engine and side skirts and redesigned fascia’s. apparently they were worried about demand when showing it off at SEMA, however, they shouldn’t have been as it went down well and attracted a great deal of attention.

We found out in September that they were thinking about the performance Dodge Durango Shaker as we saw the prototype of the SRT with the revision to the front fascia. It had lost the signature crosshair grille and came with a wide lower air dam.

The Shaker does offer up the possibility of a Hellcat powered Durango in the near future.