2018 Chevrolet Bolt vs Nissan Leaf vs Tesla Model 3: Fight!

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Those looking to get a new electric powered vehicle will be spoilt for choices now with Chevrolet, Nissan, and Tesla all offering something similar. If you were asked to choose one among the three, which model will you go for?

The Nissan Leaf was everything the consumer wanted when it was first released a few years ago but Nissan took their own sweet time with the upgrade and while the new model does come with an upgraded design and larger battery for longer range, some people feel like it might have been too late.

The Tesla Model 3 has everything a person could ever want on an electric car. It looks great, comes with all sorts of tech and autopilot features and is also the cheapest option Tesla has to offer but the long waiting time has turned many buyers away. Even now, Tesla seems to be struggling to get the Tesla Model 3 delivered.

The Chevrolet Bolt was all everybody could talk about when Chevrolet first unveiled it. It had the range, the looks, and the tech but Chevrolet’s decision to release it in stages might have ruined it for the Bolt.

So which of the electrically powered vehicle do you think is still worth buying right now?

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