2018 Chevrolet Bolt Not Safe For Other Road Users

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The Chevrolet Bolt might have gotten the Top Safety Pick rating from IIHS but that does not mean it is safe for all.

Despite everything that the vehicle has to offer, the Chevrolet Bolt did not receive the Top Safety Pick+ rating and they only have their headlights to blame. While the headlights were good enough to give the driver good visibility, IIHS gave it a Poor because it produces excessive glare for the oncoming drivers.

The Bolt missed out on the top rating because of the headlights but that is just a small dent in its perfect image. While things look slow for the Bolt now, we are sure the numbers will start mirroring its popularity when it arrives at all the states.

The Chevrolet Bolt currently comes with a $37,485 price tag and can offer about 238miles on a single charge.

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