2018 BMW Z5 Is Growing Much Like The Fiat 124 Spider

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When you compare the Mazda MX-5 Miata to the Fiat 124 Spider the latter is under appreciated and its generally a shadow to the 2016 Word Car of the Year. The BMW Z5 is now being treated along the same way that the Toyota Supra is.

The BMW Z5 and the Supra shared the same chassis and this would be the product of the experience of BMW is coming up with intuitive and sharp sports cars, with the reputation of the nameplates preceded by miles.

The BMW Z5 has succeeded the unpopular BMW Z4 and fans of the Toyota Supra have been waiting for it to make its comeback for more than 15 years.

Before we got evidence of the Toyota Supra becoming a disgrace upon its return, some fans have been calling it thanks to the shared styling along with the hardware of the Z5. So could it become the rich man’s Fiat 124?

With the front fascia covered up the Bimmer prototype with two doors may well be able to pass for the Fiat 124. It has the same shape as the Miata sibling, while the hood lines and headlights are similar to those of the Fiat too.

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