2018 BMW X3: Out With The Old In With The New

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After being around for years, BMW finally has a new BMW X3 to show. So what can you expect to see on the new BMW X3?

Compared to the older BMW X3, the new BMW X3 looked like an all new model with an all new design but the new design wasn’t much of a surprise since it was based on the BMW X1 model.

What is new is the kidney grille in the front. Those looking for a little more can take it one step further with the M Sport package. They also made a few important changes to the interior of the BMW X3. Besides upgrading the interior they also switch the position of the audio system and climate controls.

The BMW X3 can also hit the 62mph mark from a standstill faster than the previous model. The BMW X3 will be coming in to compete with the Audi Q5, Land Rover Discovery Sport, Volvo XC60, Mercedes GLC and more.

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