2018 BMW M4 Convertible Edition 30 Jahre: Not Much To Go Around

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The BMW Convertible M3 has released 30 years ago and BMW is looking to celebrate it with the released of a special edition model, the BMW M4 Convertible Edition 30 Jahre.

The new special edition model will be fitted with the Competition Package that will not only upgrade the suspension of the vehicle but also upgrade the engine so that it will now offer 444hp. Customers will be offered two unique color options.

BMW will only be producing 300 units of these special edition models and only 30 of those will be heading into the US. Out of the 30, only 10 of them will get the bright yellow exterior paint so you can already guess which ones are the rare models.

The price is still a mystery right now but seeing as there is such a limited amount, it is estimated that we might see it coming with a $90,000 or above price tag.