2018 BMW i3 Could Push Things Further

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The newer electric vehicles are offering more range than ever and BMW will have to upgrade their BMW i3 if they don’t want to get left behind. Luckily, they are already working on it.

Right now, the BMW i3 comes powered by a 94Ah battery which will in return give the BMW i3 a range of 184miles. New reports claim that BMW is now working to get the i3 to run with a 120Ah battery.

With the new battery, many believe that the BMW i3 range could improve by 60% and that we might actually see this upgraded model soon after BMW takes the cover off the BMW i3 S model at the Frankfurt Auto Show happening this September.

Although BMW has not made any confirmation, we think that it makes a lot of sense that BMW would actually be working on the range since EV models like the Leaf and the new Tesla Model 3 would already be offering a lot more than the i3 when they arrive later this year.

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