2018 Audi S7 Will Solve Aging Issue

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The Audi S7 is still regarded as some of the best hatchbacks around but the current model has been around for some time so an upgrade would be welcome.

Audi has been working on upgrading the Audi S7 and while we will still have to wait a little longer before we can see the actual production model, spies have already started spotting it out in the open.

The latest spy images came from Southern Europe. The vehicle was heavily covered in camo stickers so a lot of the details were hidden from us but we could still make out some of the details.

Looking at the vehicle, it looks like the new model will be coming in with the same shape as the current Audi S7. It also looks like they have taken the A-Piller from the R8 and the grille from the Audi A8. The vehicle will also come with LED lights in the front and in the back.

We still do not know what engine the Audi S7 will be running on but some believe that we will be seeing a turbocharged V6 or V8 when the time comes.

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