2018 Audi R8 Getting Too Hot For Audi

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Volkswagen Group of America will be recalling their Audi R8 which will affect both the Coupe and the Spyder models due to reports of it catching fire.

According to the report, the transmission fluid of the vehicles could leak from the gearbox ventilation hose when the vehicle is being pushed to its limits like high-speed driving and more. The leaked fluid could come in contact with hot engine parts which would produce smoke or maybe lead to a fire.

An indication that this is happening is the smell of smile or hot oil odor. Audi added that they are aware of one case where the vehicle caught fire. The campaign will affect about 1916 units of vehicles from 2017 and 2018 made from the 7th of December 2015 to the 14th of November 2017.

Audi has already started notifying their customers. Those affected will get a single gearbox ventilation hose to replace with a double ventilation hose.

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