2018 Audi Q3 Will Not Be Left Out

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When Audi announces their plans to upgrades their lineup last year, the future of the Audi A1 and Audi Q3 was still uncertain as there was no news on what Audi plans to do with those models but the future of the Audi A1 and Audi Q3 is clear now.

We have already seen what Audi will be offering on the Audi A1 and now we are getting spy shots on how the Audi Q3 will be offering on the outside. The Q3 was in serious need of a redesign so it was nice to see all the changes being made to the exterior of the Audi Q3.

The prototype that was spotted was fitted with an upgraded design that is similar to what we have seen on the Audi Q8 model. There is a similar octagonal grille in the front and the vertical bars that intersect the horizontal slats.

The back changes were a little more subtle as it won’t be getting the LED lights that the Q8 got but there will still be some changes. The Audi Q3 should be revealed soon so we have that to look forward to.

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