2018 Audi A8: Seeing It Means Nothing

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Audi did tease that the upcoming Audi A8 was going to be a part of the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere and naturally, people got excited but the actual reveal turn out to be way less exciting.

True to their words, the Audi A8 was at the event on the red carpet and while everybody did get a good look at it, the Audi A8 was still heavily covered in camo stickers which mean most of the details were still hidden.

That made sense since Audi was supposed to debut the Audi A8 on the 11th of July. Looking at the vehicle now, it is clear that the front is heavily based on the Prologue concept although they did make a few changes where it was necessary.

Of course, the Audi A8 will also be making an appearance in the movie but those expecting too much.

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