2018 Apple MacBook Pro Issue Fixed With New Update

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As nice as the 2018 Apple MacBook Pro is, it was held back by the whole throttling controversy where the laptop would throttle without cause. Apple took note of the issue and has been working to come out with a solution for it. The fix is now ready and it will be released with the latest macOS update.

The issue meant that the new eight-generation six-core Intel processor powered device could not perform under heavy workloads. It was so bad that when tested, the older 2017 MacBook Pro with i7 chip did better than the eighth-gen MacBook Pro.

According to the report, the new supplemental update will fix the bugs. Apple explains that the issue was with a missing digital key that led to the mismanagement of the thermal management system.

Apple also apologizes to their customers for the issue. The new update can be downloaded through the AppStore.