2018 Apple iPhone: Dual-SIM Offered But…

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Fans of the iPhone have been wondering for months now if the 2018 Apple iPhone was going to come with the dual-SIM features. While Apple has not said anything, now reports are suggesting that it will but don’t get too excited yet.

According to Economic Daily News, the 2018 iPhone will come with the dual-SIM feature but it will only be offered on the Apple iPhone 9 model and that it will only be available for models that will be released in China.

The news came from Foxconn who also added that they are already working on the new iPhone. It is believed that the reason Apple is offering it in China is because there is actually a huge demand for it there.

Sadly, it does not sound like Apple plans to offer it in the US. While it might not be the most popular feature, it does come in handy at times.

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