2017 VW Amarok May End Honda Ridgeline Sales Thanks To Classier Offerings

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The 2017 VW Amarok is going to be coming to the roads of the US and when it does it make be the end of the good sales of the Honda Ridgeline as it has classier offerings.

The 2017 VW Amarok is going to have the 3 litre V6 engine and it will be available in choices of three tunings. These will offers up 161, 201 and 221 horses and the strongest offers up 406 of torque. We expect to see the 6 speed manual or the eight speed automatic and it should be coming with the rear-wheel drive as standard.

You can add on the 4Motion manual gearing in the all-wheel drive or front axle in automatic. The steering has been improved on all the models and there are bigger disc brakes to the front and rear if you go for the 3 litre V6 engine.

The 2017 VW Amarok can tow more than one ton and we are expecting it to offer a new bumper at the front, larger alloy wheels and brand new headlights.

The 2017 VW Amarok should be making its way out in the fall in Europe and this may mean that the sales of the Honda Ridgeline are going to be damaged.

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