2017 Volkswagen Polo Struts Its Stuff Naked

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We have seen the 2017 Volkswagen Polo strutting its stuff naked over in South Africa. Previously the vehicle had only been seen in disguise, but this time around it was in all its glory uncovered.

It looks like the design is just what many people expected. The Volkswagen Polo does look like a smaller Golf when you look at the vehicle from the front, while it does have the looks of the old Polo to the back.

Just as with the SEAT Ibiza the Volkswagen Polo comes with sharp taillights that extend into the trunks opening and the vehicle offers up the MQB AO platform. You cannot ignore the headlights as there is black plastic material that seems to do nothing, on them and the taillights are framed with silver and this isn’t exactly an appealing look.

We have heard that the Volkswagen Polo is going to be produced in South Africa, but you do have wonder why the carmaker chose to put the steering wheel on the left and not the right, if this is so.

Having said that the photo of the Volkswagen Polo does tell us that the vehicle is going to be a bit wider and lower, more like the size of the Golf 4.