2017 Volkswagen Golf R Gets Put In Shade By Competition

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One of the top performance vehicles in the US has always been the Volkswagen Golf R but with the Ford Focus RS now heading to the US things are going to change and the Golf R has been put in the shade.

The Volkswagen Golf R has plenty to offer but then the Ford Focus RS has just as much on offer. The Golf R that is out at the moment offers the 2 litre inline 4 engine with the six speed manual gearing. The engine offers up 292 horses along with 280 torque and you will be able to get about 22mpg in the city and 31mpg when out on the highway.

Ford does have something better on offer with the Ford Focus RS as there is the 2.3 litre inline 4 engine and this offers 350 horses and 350 torque. It comes with DRL, fog lights and much more and we can see the RS being the winner out of the two.

But would you rather buy the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R or would you choose the Ford Focus RS?