2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI May Lose Yet More Customers

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Usually when there isn’t a demand for a product it is time to stop selling that product. We have seen this with the three door version Volkswagen Golf GTI hatchback over in the US. This means that for 2017 we are expecting to see just one option being made available.

It seems that buyers may have to make do with the five door version of the Volkswagen Golf GTI as Volkswagen said that this is what the dealers and buyers want.

This of course could come as a huge blow due to the fact that the Volkswagen Golf GTI has always been known to offer up three doors or five doors for many decades. This could mean that prospective buyers might begin to look elsewhere.

Typically bigger is better applies to the US, however there are many people who choose the Volkswagen Golf GTI not due to the space it offers but for the fact that it offers up a ride that is sporty, its lightweight and cheap to buy.

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